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Breaking in a Thoroughbred - Trust & Education

Patience and building trust is the cornerstone of breaking in a race horse the Empress Park Stud way.

This filly was bought in to be broken a few weeks back and she has always been a little feisty which is natural. With quality horsemanship provided by trainer 'David Huxtable" the barriers are broken down methodically and at a pace that suits the individual horse. We DO NOT employ the motto of how quick can we break her in to get her to the track URGENTLY.

At Empress Park Stud we want our thoroughbreds to build trust with their handlers. This is important for a number of reasons, significantly trust promotes attention to detail from them. It will also improve the longevity of their racing career and importantly after they have completed a racing career their ability to be a useful part of society in various other disciplines is greatly improved. Training a race horse which engages building that trust via 'other' alternate training and education methods allows virtually every one of our race horses to find alternate homes after their race days are completed.

As a pack animal horses do like a leader, however they are intelligent and respect variety and compassion. Education is a road which varies in length and application for each individual animal. Educating our thoroughbreds for a life after racing whether it is with a hunt club, equestrian, broodmare or paddock pet starts at a young age. We love our animals and provide them the varied training in their early days so that they can both 'run to their very best potential on race day' and importantly 'find a good home after their race days are completed'.

Empress Park Stud home of the new South Australian based thoroughbred stallion, dual Group 1 winner Voila Ici. A pedigree unmatched in SA. Breed quality.

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